About Boz and the Bard

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Frank Avellino and Steve Hess, inspired by their love of theatre, founded Boz and the Bard Productions, Inc. They named the company in honor of their two favorite writers, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. The traditions established by these masters of literature and theatre are the traditions that Frank and Steve strive to carry on in their own work.

From Dickens came the weaving of unforgettable stories and characterizations with social relevance, giving a voice to those who were the oppressed of his time. From Shakespeare came poetic dramatizations which have touched people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. The works of these men have spanned the generations
to resonate with that which lies at the core of each of us and makes us fully human. 

Whether it be an adaptation of a classic work of literature, a re-staging of a work from our culture's rich theatrical history, or an original piece by one of the emerging playwrights of the 21st century, the plays that Boz and the Bard Productions brings to the stage will move and delight audiences by honoring the past, commenting on the present, and imagining the future. 


Up Next:

Boz and the Bard is very excited to be working on the return of DEAD DOG PARK, by Barry Malawer, coming to off-Broadway. Keep watch here for more news.

At right, from top to bottom: MACBETH, by William Shakespaeare, directed by Steve Hess (photo by Barbara Mintz). MISS LIZZIE A. BORDEN INVITES YOU TO TEA, by Marjorie Conn, directed by Frank Avellino (photo by Alan Zenreich). HARRY CONSUMED by Warren Green, directed by Steve Hess (photo by Barbara Mintz)

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